Trump – What is Going on?

I have been watching the pundits and talking heads go on and on about Trump and his rights. What is surprising is that some of them got it right and some of them got it very wrong. For example, Mr. Giuliani said that Mr. Trump had a right to know if he was a target of a Grand Jury investigation and almost uniformly the pundits said “No”. However, it is the policy of the Department of Justice to advise a Grand Jury witness of his or her right if he is the “target” of the investigation. There is even a form letter to be sent to the “target”. Accordingly, since the Special Prosecutor was attempting to secure an interview with President Trump, I believe there was an obligation to tell him if

In Consideration of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

While in local and state elections I vote based on the quality of the people, I have always been a Democrat when it came to national politics. That is changing. No, I have not become a fan of Donald Trump. There is very little he stands for that I agree with. But as he has repeatedly said, and no doubt is entirely correct, elections have consequences. If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, Judge Kavanaugh would not have been on her list for the Supreme Court. That said, he certainly could have been. Judge Kavanaugh presents himself as an exceptional candidate for the Court. As to what happens to Justices when they arrive on the Court, it is one thing to be a Judge writing for a Law


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